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Events Big or Small – Bring Them On

Streaming applications typically need to process the events as soon as they arrive. For example, being able to quickly react to events in applications such as fraud detection, manufacturing error detection can result in massive savings. However, due to the limitation of storage systems not being able to handle large numbers of small writes, producers are forced to buffer events before they write. This not only leads to increased latencies from the event generation time to event process time but increases the chance of losing events when writers are not able to store them reliably in failure scenarios.  Pravega has been built from the ground up to be an ideal store for stream processing because not only can it handle frequent small writes well, but it also does that in a consistent and durable way.

This blog explains how Pravega is able to provide excellent throughput using minimal latency for all writes, big or small. It explores the append path of the Segment Store, detailing how we pipeline external requests and use the append-only Tier 1 log to achieve excellent ingestion performance without sacrificing latency. Continue Reading