Browse Author: Salvatore DeSimone

Storage Reimagined for a Streaming World

Driven by the desire to shrink to zero the time it takes to turn massive volumes of raw data into useful information and action, streaming is deceptively simple: just process and act on data as it arrives, quickly, and in a continuous and infinite fashion.

For use cases from Industrial IoT to Connected Cars to Real-Time Fraud Detection and more, we’re increasingly looking to build new applications and customer experiences that react quickly to customer interests and actions, learn and adapt to changing behavior patterns, and the like. But the reality is most of us don’t yet have the tools to do this with production level data volumes, ingestion rates, and fault resiliency. So we do the best we can with bespoke systems piling complexity on top of complexity.

Complexity is symptomatic of fundamental systems design mismatches: we’re using a component for something it wasn’t designed to do, and the mechanisms at our disposal won’t scale from small to large. Continue Reading