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Exploring State Synchronizer

Pravega allows the state to be shared in a consistent fashion across multiple cooperating processes distributed in a cluster using a State Synchronizer. This blog details how to use State Synchronizer [1] to build and maintain consistency in a distributed application.

State Synchronizer

In distributed systems, frequently state needs to be shared across multiple instances of an application. If this information is on the data path, it typically goes through whatever datastore is appropriate for the application. Usually, we choose our datastore carefully based on the requirements of our application.

When we have the state that needs to be used by multiple processes, like a schema registry or cluster membership that is not related to the application’s data, it’s worth considering alternative storage options because the requirements might be totally different. Often metadata doesn’t fit neatly in the data path’s schema or consistency model. So, having different storage solutions often makes sense. Sometimes the importance of this is underappreciated and implemented as an afterthought. Continue Reading